Oh Hey, International Women’s Day!

Note: I’m going to try really hard to say “gender” instead of “sex.” If I say “sex” I probably meant “gender.”

There’s only two hours left of it in PST, but I can totally write a blog post in two hours. It won’t be a very good post, though 😛

I’ve had a whole lot of turmoil as a feminist in the past year or so, identity-wise and writing-wise, so I’m going to see if I can write a short reflection on that.

What’s a strong female character?

Many others more eloquent than me have beat the point to death. It’s a strong character who happens to be female. Strong characters are well-developed. Well-developed characters have depth and aren’t defined by stereotypes. Contrary to what some writers like to believe, a female character with stereotypical feminine qualities can still be a strong female character.

Wouldn’t things be so much easier if we stopped categorizing certain qualities as “masculine” or “feminine” and just analyzed the characters for what they were without factoring in gender?

“But studies show that it’s biology and chemicals and they make your brain–”

I’ve been through that debate too many times and it never goes anywhere. Your studies say this and that other guy’s studies say that. Let’s assume for a moment that biology makes the male and female mind fundamentally different and inclined towards different characteristics. IF it is true that biology keeps us from completely abolishing gender roles, we are still intelligent enough to know that forcing these gender roles on everyone is dickery.

So here’s to the writers who aren’t afraid to write about  men and women who think about romance and pretty dresses, as well as the ones who write about the men and women who can’t stand such things. You know that what people need to care about is the execution, not bare-bones lists of character traits.


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