Progress Report: 3/24/13

It’s been a bad week for writing. Lots of stuff going on in school, and my violin exams were yesterday. But hey, it’s spring break now. No more excuses!

Still haven’t heard back from the literary magazine, which I guess isn’t a bad sign. If they don’t write back by April 5 I’m allowed to inquire, and they warned me in the autoreply that they might not even get back to me until the twelfth. I know they must be busy people, but… *chews fingernails*

In an attempt to compensate for this week’s horrible word count, I edited. Things are more of a mess than I thought, but all I can do for now is take note of what needs to be done in the rewrite and keep chugging along. Only 40k words to go. I wrote nearly 40k words last summer and I had SAT classes every other day. They lasted five hours! Even if I land an internship (40 hour workweek) I can do it. I can do eeeet!


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