Progress Report: 4/2/13

First time submitting to a literary magazine and I get my first rejection. It was the first thing I saw in my inbox when I came home today. I feel like a real writer now.

I told myself that spring break was going to be used to catch up with the writing time I lost while practicing for violin exams. So my body said FUCK YOU and I got sick on Monday and looking at screens for too long made me nauseous for the next several days. I mostly doodled.

But a good thing did happen last week! My friend was stuck at a boring party and I couldn’t think of any way to entertain her other than sending her the first chapter of my novel. She is now hooked and spread the word to another friend. So I’ve got beta readers now!

I also wrote something pretty interesting while I had the flu. All the feedback I got on one of my antagonists has been a unanimous “What a fucking dumbass” so I decided to run with it. I’m afraid it’s too contrived and I don’t want to spoil the ending of my novel, but it involves a cynical eleven-year-old pretending to be a cat.

We’ll see where that goes, I guess.


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