About the Writer

This is that obligatory “About Me” page, isn’t it? Ach, I’ll try my best not to sound like an idiot…

Cho is not my real name, but I’m not putting my real name on the Internet so call me Cho. Or Snowy Foxes. Whatever you know me best by. As you probably guessed, I’m one of those upstart teenage writers (damnation!) and to be more specific I am currently sixteen and a junior in high school.

The title of my blog may indicate that I am a lover of strong tea and/ or coffee. I am Chinese (Cantonese), I grew up with the kind of tea normally served in dim sum restaurants, and I only drink that kind of tea so don’t ask me if I prefer green, red, or black because the only thing I will be able to tell you is that I hate Starbucks’s black tea. I mean seriously¬†what is that.

Other things I like are European history, leather journals, pretty notebooks in general, rice, writing autistic characters, mental disorders in general, genetics, and architecture.

If you were to ask me to describe my personality all I can say is that I’m bad at socializing, good at hugging, and I see bluntness as a virtue about 75% of the time. Take that as a warning.

Other things I do but don’t have much to say about are knit, play violin, viola, and piano, draw, and drag myself through high school.


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