About the Blog

About the blog

This blog has multiple purposes.

  • A tool for me to put down my thoughts and give people a chance to give me feedback, because, as many writers know, it’s hard to find people that can tell you anything useful. Especially when they’re tired of you bugging them all the time. Also, it’s a lot easier to link to a blog post than say “so uhm and then I decided to do that other thing with that one character I told you about yesterday” in a Skype chat.
  • If people like what I say here, they might check out the web serial novel that I am working on once it is released on the Internet.
  • Liveblogging. I read things closely to help me evaluate my own writing and possibly tweak the style.
  • Offering my opinions on reading/ writing related things. I don’t think I’m writing articles. That’s for competent people. I write suggestions and share my own experiences. You do what you want with it.

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