Manuscripts in Progress


Doctor Gambler: 1057/? words
Status: Active

A memoir written by Dr. Friedrich Ritter, a mage and former government clerk who put himself through medical school after the government revoked his scholarship because magic and medicine don’t mix, rendering his calling a waste of his abilities. With bitterness and self-deprecating humor, he looks back on episodes from his life that seem to be making quite a mess for someone else now.

One autumn day, a thirty-year-old Friedrich wakes up to find that the streets of Gamino City are empty. Unlike Friedrich, the woman who broke into his house and made breakfast to apologize has no idea that they’re going to be fined for being late to the government-mandated rally. She doesn’t know why she’ll be arrested for not having an identification tattoo on her arm, either. Violet Fenrir isn’t from the Republic, and she needs Friedrich’s help getting home.

What he thought would be a simple trip to the middle of the ocean and up a magic bridge to the realm of Vespers in the sky turns into war when he finds out just how nasty Violet’s deranged husband is. Further complicating matters is the fact that Violet’s family mistakes Friedrich as her kidnapper, and her husband’s curse also prevents her from explaining that he’s just trying to help her. And just when Friedrich thinks escorting this woman home can’t possibly be any more troublesome, they discover she’s pregnant. After being chased to the abandoned fifth island and accidentally releasing one of the most powerful Manifestations of magic that ever existed, they stumble on Violet’s husband’s little project that could tear the world into shreds.

Or, in Friedrich’s words, shenanigans ensue.

The Fifth City: 60,056/100,000 words
Status: Primary

A better synopsis is in progress.

Bianca Rona is a Vesper noblewoman obsessed with trying to murder her husband. Wilhelm Ritter is a rather excellent piano player who tries to overthrow the corrupt Republic on his free nights. Angelus Pallone forced Bianca to marry him and is seriously starting to regret it, partly because she’s trying to kill him. Cyrus is an engineering prodigy in search of his sister, Violet Fenrir.

What happens when you give them nearly unlimited power and force them to work together to solve the problems Wilhelm’s uncle Friedrich left behind?

The Face of Honor: 1054/50,000 words
Status: Trying to convince myself not to distract myself with it

Generations ago, the Rona family was appointed to govern a small floating island owned by the powerful city-state of Kartal. But the island’s residents, routinely abused and their resources exploited, decided that they wanted a taste of freedom, and the benevolent Lord Rona is their leader.

Lord and Lady Rona’s bloody corpses are found on the first page

Fifteen-year-old Estela Rona is thrust into a leadership position that she had been eager to inherit all her life, but she never knew that the situation would be so bloody and precarious–she is the spearhead of a revolution, and knowing that her parents’ murder was an inside job, she suspects that a loyalist terrified of her parents has horribly, horribly underestimated her. Can she weed out the traitor before the rest of his plot to destroy the revolution is set into motion?

Short Stories

Remnants: 3,928 words
Status: On hiatus (will be rewritten)

The most troublesome part of completely reworking society is the people who think the past is better. They need to keep quiet. So the scientists turned them into mute, amnesiac test subjects.

Like the other Remnants, 998 just went through the motions–consuming nothing but a weird goop made from hydroponiclly tea leaves that provides all his nutritional needs, being called to different laboratories to be poked and prodded, and attending re-education classes. He suspects that things could be better. But when Remnant 2067 approaches him with their files and tells him that she wants to him, her husband in the old life, to help escape the labs to find their son, what will they find on the outside?


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